plastic seal

Pull-tight plastic seal

The design uses rolling hot riveting technology to fix the blade to the main body, which provides obvious evidence that if the blade is forcibly opened or cut, tampering will occur. This seal is suitable for most applications where strength is required. Adjustable tightening plastic belt seal with metal locking mechanism and detachable device; plastic cover with internal metal insert is ultrasonically welded and tamper-proof; the standard strength tightening plastic seal of safety tie can be used for cargo and Other items provide tamper-proof security solutions. Marked with sequential numbers.
seal security

What is seal security?

In industry, the term "security seal" is a broad description of a broad class of tamper-proof safety devices.Some of the most famous safety seals appear on consumer goods such as condiment cans and medicine bottles.These seals usually come in the form of aluminum foil wrapping paper or push caps.Other security seals are much more complex, often involving heat printing, laser engraving, and seals for large shipment crates and valuable or sensitive goods.
Metal security seal

Metal security seal

Metal safety seals usually fall into the following categories:Bolt seal, cable seal, wire seal, padlock or fixed length seal.
Our range of metal seals includes fixed length metal seals and metal belt ball seals.These tamper-proof tags are easy to use and have a simple locking mechanism.Our metal seals can be used for container seals, truck seals, trailer door seals, etc.
plastic seal

What is a tamper-proof seal

Tamper-proof seals are known for their durability.Tamper-proof seals are widely used to seal materials to prevent unauthorized or unauthorized use of materials and in many other appropriate applications.
meter seal

What is the meter seal?

Instrument seals are used with electricity, gas, or water meters and are usually molded in polycarbonate.
The transparent body of the seal means that the locking mechanism is visible and can provide obvious tampering indications.
PC housing, ABS core, can withstand direct sunlight and extreme weather and all kinds of temperatures.
container seal

How to open container seal

The transport container security seals themselves are not effective procedures for supply chain security and product tracking.It is a component that, when used effectively and in combination with other security measures, can provide evidence of tampering and even help prevent theft.