Dilafu Security Seals is an expert manufacturer of indicative, security and high security seals. We design and produce a vast range of tamper evident seals, such as metal, plastic and bolt seals. We provide great quality for affordable prices and we ship worldwide. We are also able to design custom made security seals and we have extensive product engineering knowledge in our design team. Do you want more information or do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Bolt Seals

Bolt seals are mechanisms used to seal and secure cargo containers, such as shipping containers, trucks and trailers. These prodcuts provide tamper evidence in case of infringement. In this way bolt seals help to detect cargo theft or contamination. These security seals have a relative high breaking strength and therefore also provide an added layer of security.
security seals bolt seals

Cable Seal

Cable seals are types of security seals or tamper evident seals. Security cable seals have, compared to for instance bolt seals, a more versatile application as the length of the locking mechanism can be variable. Cable seals can be subdivided by the material of the body, like on this page, but also by locking mechanism and adjustability of the length of the cable. There are nonadjustable and adjustable cable seals, such as pull tight cable seals. Moreover, cable security seals can be one time usable, but reusable cable seals exist as well.
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Plastic Seals

A variety of Plastic Seals are available to meet your sealing needs. Most Plastic Security Seals are for one-time use and are effective for indicating tampering or attempted tampering of shipments. This type of Container Seal is generally more flexible than steel and wire Seals. The list of available Plastic Truck Seals and Container Seals include Anchor, Pull, Light Duty Pull Snug, Drum, Spring Hinge, Economy Plastic, Mini Lock, Strap, Adjustable, Poly-Check Bar Coded and many more.
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Meter Seal

A meter seal is disposable tamper-evident security seal which restricts access to closed objects, the purpose to use it is for security access purposes, for those who do not have clearance to interfere. They are designed for only one-time use, they are destroyed when removed.
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Our line of affordable metal strap security seals are fixed length and come in two varieties, flat metal truck seals and ball-end truck seals. Custom print and numbering is offered for additional security.
security seals metal strap seals

Padlock Seals

Our security Padlocks include Combination, Non-Sparking Plastic Body, Steel, Aluminum, Padlock Sets and Engraved Padlocks. Also, choose from Keyed, Keyed Alike, Master Lock and American Padlocks. Each type of Padlock is available in a variety of styles and features to better suit your needs.
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Tamper evident seals are things, such as labels, plastic ties or metal bolts, which are placed on a product or package to easily detect unauthorized access to the protected object. If the tamper evident seal is removed it will self-destruct which results into a clear proof of tampering. Sealed objects can vary from a small jar of jam to a big shipping container.


Security seals are types of tamper evident seals and mechanisms to seal shipping containers or truck trailers. They are used to help detect theft or contamination. As the name implies, security seals also provide a level of security.
Often used security seals are bolt seals, cable seals, metal seals and plastic seals. Security seals that meet ISO 17712:2013 standards are classified as high security seals. High Security seals, also called barrier seals, are constructed with the intent to delay intrusion. They cannot be opened by hand and special tools, such as bolt cutters, are needed to remove the security seal. ISO 17712:2013 high security seals are CTPAT compliant and are accepted by customs all around the world.