Dilafu Security Seals is an expert manufacturer of plastic security seals and plastic anti tamper tags. We are able to provide great quality for competitive prices and we ship our plastic strap seals worldwide. We are also experienced in producing custom made solutions and we can ship plastic seals with serial number and company logo. Are you interested in custom tamper evident seals or anti tamper labels? Please feel free to contact us.


We produce various types of plastic security ties, varying from indicative seals to heavy duty plastic seals. Are you looking for a plastic seal manufacturer for a custom solution? We are able design custom plastic seals that fit your demands.


In this way we can provide you Dutch engineering for very competitive prices. Our range of plastic seals consists of, amongst others, pull tight plastic security seals, plastic strap seals, plastic seal tags, nylon plastic seals, drum seals and box locks. We can produce them in a variety of colors and consecutively numbered. We are also able to ship these with QR code, bar code and with company logo. All of our seals are ISO:17712 certified and effective for indicating tampering or attempted tampering. The advantage of plastic seals is that these are more flexible than for instance metal seals or bolt seals. Our anti tamper tags can be used as plastic container seals, plastic truck seals, trailer door seals and more. Do you want more information or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.