Pull-tight plastic seal

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What is seal security?

Pull-tight plastic seal

Manufacturer introduction

We are a professional manufacturer of lead seals, with ten years of sales and manufacturing experience in the lead seal industry. Our quality is guaranteed.

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Plastic seals are heavy-duty tensioned seals made of two different materials. The acetyl insert is durable and can withstand freezing and boiling conditions, while the nylon body is soft and easy to use.

The design uses rolling hot riveting technology to fix the blade to the main body, which provides obvious evidence that if the blade is forcibly opened or cut, tampering will occur.

This seal is suitable for most applications where strength is required. Adjustable tightening plastic belt seal with metal locking mechanism and detachable device;

plastic cover with internal metal insert is ultrasonically welded and tamper-proof; the standard strength tightening plastic seal of safety tie can be used for cargo and Other items provide tamper-proof security solutions. Marked with sequential numbers.

Tightened safety seals provide obvious tampering solutions for the sealing of truck trailers, containers, aviation safety boxes and various other cargo compartments.

These safety plastic seals are made of polyethylene, have a breaking strength of up to 57 pounds, have a metal locking device, and are pre-printed with a 6-digit serial number.

Simply thread the end of the seal through the cap and screw it into the area marked “input” at the end of the seal, and then pull it tight. It can only be removed by bolts or cable cutters.

Sealing, also known as sealing and sealing, refers to the various procedures performed to ensure that the contents are kept in the container or bag during transportation, storage, and sales after the product is packed in the packaging container, and to avoid contamination and damage.

Closed process. There are many types of packaging and sealing methods, materials and components used, such as adhesive sealing, heat sealing, and order sealing.

Airtight packaging is a relatively complicated process technology, and designers must consider many factors when designing airtight packaging.

Plastic indicator seal

Plastic indicator seals can provide visual tampering warning, which is particularly important in the heavily polluted medical industry. These safety seals have many uses.

They can be used to fix processing boxes with vulnerable parts (such as PPE) for detection of theft. It is also common , The bad actors stole several supplies from the entire shipment, leading to shortages.

Plastic security seals can be used to secure materials in transit and stored in warehouses or facilities. These security seals can also be laser marked with serial numbers and barcodes to better track supplies and prevent counterfeiting.

Our plastic indicative seal series includes plastic padlock seals.

At last

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