What is a tamper-proof seal

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Metal security seal

What is a tamper-proof seal?

Tamper-proof seals are known for their durability.Tamper-proof seals are widely used to seal materials to prevent unauthorized or unauthorized use of materials and in many other appropriate applications.

Tampering involves the deliberate modification or adulteration of information, products, packaging, or systems.Solutions may involve all stages of product production, distribution, logistics, sales and use.No single solution can be considered tamper-proof.Multiple security level issues typically need to be addressed to reduce the risk of tampering.

A permanent tamper-proof seal that can be used on containers to protect integrity.

Some considerations may include:

  • Identify who may be the tampers and what knowledge, materials, tools, etc. They may possess.
  • Identify all possible methods of unauthorized access to products, packages or systems.In addition to the primary means of entry, consider using auxiliary or “back door” methods.
  • Controls or restricts access to products or systems of interest.
  • Improve tamper-proof performance by making tampering more difficult, time-consuming, etc.
  • Add obvious tamper features to help indicate tampering.
  • Educate people about evidence of tampering.
  • The length of time that can be tampered with.Especially in transit, anyone who tries to tamper with goods, valuables, cash and confidential documents that are clearly protected by tampering can often be caught only a few minutes later.This makes it difficult and unlikely that they will have time to open the package, inspect or remove the item, and return the package to its original undisturbed state.

Tamper-proof design is probably most evident during the packaging and labeling of the product, and it is important to know that the product has not been changed since the manufacturer left the product.

The healthcare industry contains the most complex supply chain of any industry.These supply chains are also important because they carry the products and equipment needed to save lives.That is why these supply chains must be secured and protected from the effects of theft, theft and pollution.

Our products can protect the healthcare industry by providing high quality safety seals and solutions.

tamper-proof seal

1.High security seal

Our extensive line of high-safety bolts and cable seals provides a barrier between bad actors and healthcare products.These metal safety seals can be used for truck and trailer doors and require special tools to be removed to provide the highest level of security for the healthcare supply chain.These security seals are designed to prevent opportunistic theft of high-value or high-risk goods and can be laser-marked and numbered to improve tracking and prevent replacement of forgeries.

All of our high safety seals have been certified to ISO 17712 and have undergone rigorous strength and efficiency tests.High security seals can also be used to protect consumables in storage to prevent unauthorized access to these caches.

2.Plastic indication seal

Plastic indicative seals provide visual warning of tampering.This is particularly important in the healthcare industry, where pollution is a major problem.These security seals have a variety of USES and can be used to fix handling boxes containing consumables, such as PPE, to detect theft.Thefts were also common, with bad actors stealing several supplies from the entire shipment, leading to shortages.

Plastic safety seals can be used to secure materials in transit and stored in warehouses or facilities.These security seals can also be laser-marked with serial Numbers and bar codes to better track supplies and prevent forgery.Our plastic indicative seal series includes our plastic padlock seals.

Of course, it’s not just for the healthcare industry, and the healthcare industry doesn’t just use these two products.

Security label

Safety tape (or safety label) is a type of tape used to help reduce transportation losses due to theft and reduce tampering or adulteration of products.Usually pressure-sensitive tape or label with special tamper-proof or obvious tamper-proof features.In addition to container caps, it can also be used as a “security seal” or as a security label.They are sometimes used as authentication products or in conjunction with authentication products and can be used as anti-theft seals.

Seat belts and tags are sometimes used with safety envelopes.

tamper-proof seal

The seat belt can be used as a packing belt on small primary packaging (e.g., bottles and cartons) or larger transport containers (e.g., corrugated boxes).They are also used to load units or stack goods.Strength and adhesion are important.Security labels are usually used only for their security functions.The strength of the backing is not so important, but the bonding properties are.

Some belts look like standard packing straps to help mask the value of stolen items.Logistics and packaging professionals do not want to draw attention to the item or its packaging.Other safety tapes have bright colors and high-impact graphics.

Seat belts and tags

Seat belts and tags are part of a broader safety system: no layer of security provides comprehensive protection for the transport of packages.Most safety products can be foiled by knowledgeable people who have the time and access to specialized tools, solvents, extreme temperatures, other safety tapes and labels, adhesives, etc.

Seat belts and tags usually add safety to one of the entry points of the container.Sometimes there are other unauthorized points of entry.

Seat belts are also used for access doors, for temporary rejection areas, and as sealing instructions for sensitive equipment.Certain USES of seat belts require solar and thermal stability.

Sometimes, tapes or labels are designed to provide signals of removal or container tampering: imaging, layering, breaking, etc.The desired result is that the tape or label can correctly indicate an attempt or unauthorized opening of the container.Conversely, it should not signal tampering when there is no tampering.


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