What is the meter seal?

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Safety of meter seals

  • Safety meter seals provide safety to prevent tampering – unauthorized access to the electric gas meter.
  • The utility distorts so that once locked, it cannot be opened.Any tampering operation to remove it must break it.
  • Twist the plastic seal ring, enter and twist, self-lock and remove by cutting the wire.
  • A transparent body is equipped with a color plug-in with a unidirectional rotating locking mechanism.Once sealed, the locking mechanism will be fully encapsulated.
  • Instrument seals provide higher safety for electronic instruments, water seals, gas meters, etc.

It’s a very secure system.Once it is turned off and fixed in place, it cannot be tampered with.

meter seal

Can be used with the following types of seal wire:

  • Galvanized steel wire
  • Copper wire
  • Brass wire
  • Nylon/copper scratch-proof wire

It is easy to use, can be fixed even in hard-to-reach places, and can be easily read at a distance from clearly printed text and Numbers.

The number on the seal allows management to designate a batch of seals for each operator to improve safety and traceability.

The number on the seal allows management to designate a batch of seals for each operator to improve safety and traceability

What is the instrument seal?

Instrument seals (commonly referred to as instrument twist seals) are a type of seal safety element used to protect equipment and control equipment from electrical, gas, water, oil, fuel transportation and other activities such as packaging and transportation of general merchandise.

For the purpose of safety check tampering, meter counter, gas meter counter, water meter counter equipment and piping as well as fuel pump are used with meter sealing rings.

The device and control device security seal is a one-time tamper-proof security seal that restricts access to closed objects for secure access purposes for those who have no headroom interference.

It is highly suitable for fixing public instrument control devices, taxi instrument devices and control cabinets to provide obvious anti-theft protection.

Structure of the content

This type of safety seal is usually used with electricity, gas, and water meters, and the valve body is usually made of polycarbonate.

The transparent body of the instrument safety seal means that the locking mechanism is visible and can provide obvious tampering indications.

The safety action is accomplished by twisting a wire on an internally protected rotor that holds the protected object in place.

The protected rotor cannot be revoked without damaging the safety seal.

Therefore, the instrument’s safety seal is also known as the torsion seal.

Safety seals for equipment and control equipment can withstand direct sunlight, extreme weather and various temperatures.

Some safety seals contain components that glow under ultraviolet light, making the seal easy to locate in darkness.

These tools are intended for one-time use only and will be broken when removed, so you will be informed of controls that tamper with the object’s security.

Security solutions can be enhanced with custom laser printing personalization Settings with unique serial Numbers, company logos, and bar codes.

This type of security seal can be used for the general purpose of checking for tampered security control objects.

Efficient and safe plastic seals:

  • Plastic body with steel insert locking mechanism.
  • Close easily with your hands.
  • A variety of colors are available
  • Serial Numbers.
  • Customize up to 12 characters and up to 7 digits.

Clear and simple evidence of mandatory input or change with mandatory unsealing

Mark and seal important items that need to be secured with heavy tamper-proof seals.Seal equipment, tools, or certain areas with an anti-tear band to prevent general access.

Made of steel, wire, metal or plastic with varying strengths, our ISO compliant selection of safety seals can also be customized according to Numbers, letters or codes to meet specific requirements.

Find tamper-proof joint seals for any application, including custom tamper-proof plastic lock safety seals, custom universal cable seals, stock metal ball seals, tape marks and numbered writable tape.

Product description

  • Instrument seals are used with electricity, gas, or water meters and are usually molded in polycarbonate.
  • The transparent body of the seal means that the locking mechanism is visible and can provide obvious tampering indications.
  • PC housing, ABS core, can withstand direct sunlight and extreme weather and all kinds of temperatures.
  • Designed for disposable use, they can be destroyed when removed.
  • Pre-printed with a unique identification number as other evidence of tampering.
meter seal

Defects and modifications of seals

A seal that ACTS as a disposable lock cannot be opened after being sealed unless it is severely damaged or cut and cannot be reused.The earliest meters were sealed with lead and pliers.

  1. The seal can be purchased at a hardware store, and is not unique. It cannot prevent forgery.Seals do not have self-locking function, pressing is not easy to detect, easy to open.
  2. The seal is multi-ply copper wire and its hardness cannot meet the requirement.If the seal is damaged by oxidation, it is difficult to distinguish between man-made damage and natural aging.
  3. In order to solve the problem of early sealing, plastic sealing was introduced.The plastic sealing cover has a digital code, the sealing line is steel helix, with sufficient hardness and locking function.
  4. The structure of the plastic case ensures its uniqueness, which cannot be recovered when opened.
  5. However, seals are also easy to press against the teeth to pull out the seal line, and the uniqueness of seal management requires strict registration and registration workflow.
  6. The procedures of seal customization, purchase, distribution, sealing, inspection and closing cannot realize the comprehensive informatization of seal management.


All of our plastic seals are pre-stamped with identification Numbers.If you need a custom company logo, company name or bar code, please feel free to contact us.